Monday, August 8, 2011

A long day of travel...

I have met the girls that I will be doing these next two years with and today we will finally board the planes that will get us to Davao! This will be an extremely long day, but I am so ready to get to Davao and start this program. I will be traveling for over a day! I arrive in Davao on Wed Aug 11th at 10:40am! The time difference is 13 hours ahead of Central Standard Time. I will be living in the future for all of you in the States! :) My first few weeks will be filled with adjusting to the culture, water, and food! I have gathered some information from those that have been living there and they have told me some shocking info regarding food and water...they eat the food straight from the markets and drink the highly chlorinated water. I was told that most people that live there get parasites from the food. The hygiene there is not the best. :) So, if you think about it PRAY that I would be protected from ALL sickness and that my body quickly adjusts to this new lifestyle. I am excited for this journey with the Lord and trust that He is with me! Thanks for your prayers and support!

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