Thursday, July 28, 2011

God cares about the smallest details of my life...

Again, I have to remind my little heart that God sees EVERY DETAIL of my life! I confess that my heart has been overwhelmed by all the details that are in front of me with this HUGE transition, BUT I will remember that God is INVOLVED! I am not alone in this process! My faith is being tested 4 days I will be paying my first sum of tuition money and I just found out that a check can not be found which puts me $1,000 behind! Pray that this gets worked out in 4 days! I need a miracle! He has backed me up and never has once failed me...I trust Him! I have been spending time with my family in Oregon and it has been very enjoyable. We are about to go camping and then I will head up to Portland for my last few days in the States. I am looking forward to a time of spiritual refreshing as I spend my last few days with the Quints. Living out of suitcases is not easy and I am ready to get settled in to a home and have a regular schedule. :) I look forward to meeting all the new people that God will be putting in my life. I believe that He has some awesome friendships ahead of me. Thank you for your prayers they mean a lot to me.

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